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Our Products

Exoweld© uses technology and innovation to maintain its competitive edge in the manufacturing of all of our products.
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Earth Rods

Earth rods, also known as bimetallic earth electrodes and ground rods, are copper coated steel rods. These rods are made from molecularly bonding 99.9% electrolytic copper onto a low carbon steel core.

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Graphite Moulds

The Exoweld© exothermic or alumina-thermic welding process, is a method of welding copper to copper, copper to steel and steel to steel in order to form a solid electrical connection.

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Exothermic Powders

Exoweld©‘s exothermic welding powder is of the highest quality, and is consistent with every connection. The product is a powdered Weldmetal, comprised of copper and aluminium.

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Handle Clamps

Handle clamps, manufactured and sold by Exoweld© are used to easily open and properly close an exothermic mould, before and after performing an exothermic reaction.

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Exothermic Tools

Exoweld© supplies various tools which are needed in order to complete an exothermic weld safely and precisely. These tools include hammer dies, rail scrapers and the Exoweld© tooklit.

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Plastic Injection Moulding

Exoweld© has a sophisticated set up of plastic injection moulding machines and dies. Exoweld© can manufacture plastic products in a variety of colours, as outlined here.

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Earth Pits, Route Markers & Backfill

Exoweld© offers products for earth enhancement compounds, and the earth pits and route markers are used to house and mark electrical connections.

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Graphite Speciality

The “Graphite Speciality” division at Exoweld© is a specialised graphite-engineering unit, catering to both the industrial and chemical industries.

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